Kamra – Cerebral Alchemy (Dismal Atmospheric Black Metal)


You ever feel like you have an ouroboros weaving through like your skull but upside-down? And like there are bells in your eye sockets? And like they’re hanging on a stick in a misty forest? Then holy shit this is exactly what you’re looking at above! Damn! As stupid as I made that all sound, and as much as you may expect the worst, this here is easily the greatest Slovenian band of the underground now and probably ever. Did you not know Slovenia is a real country? Lol, get started with Kamra! It’s a baby step into a world of wonder!


Cerebral Alchemy is a highly unusual, brooding release. Probably birthed in the human fish caves (look it up) they call home, Kamra are strained and worn by life. The feeling of every bit of this album, musically, will tear down even the happiest of folk. Considering these guys have only been around two years, the depth of their writing is rather astounding. Each track brings newfound depression and remorse, dredging up the worst of memories you hoped you would eventually forget. Spectacularly dismal atmosphere. If this is the worst Slovenian metal had to offer I’d emigrate immediately.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Kamra – Cerebral Alchemy
Avantgarde Music, Edged Circle Productions
Cover Art: Jeff Christensen
4.6 / 5