Stormo – Endocannibalismo (Italian Post-Mathcore)


I been bumming cuz I haven’t had any good hardcore in awhile. Actually, is there any lol? Most of those old bands are running on farts at this point (translation: old and uninterested in change). That’s why the whole post-(insert genre) thing gained headway about a decade ago, or was it two? Like, get with the times doodz. It’s okay, though, the generation still clinging to stuff from those olden times only has so many years left and if I’m still alive I’ll keep listening to the good stuff (translation: post-things). Stormo, Italy’s latest mathcore post-something, has provided a brief respite from the slew of horrid metalcore submissions I’ve received as of late. Their latest full-length, Endocannibalismo is the kind of bratty, yet actually tough, noise I needed this week.


Love this kind of energy when it hits right, and this basically does. After an opening lull, Stormo starts to bend their riffs around like barb wire wrapping around a body rolling down a hill. This leads to an entirely fresh listen regardless of repeats because of the intricacy. The twists, however, are never entirely unexpected, yet neither are they expected. Thus, the key detail here is the music is worked in a way that walks a careful line between each of these ends. As such, it’s incredibly varied, even among post-hardcore and all of these math-centric approaches. The vocals, however, are stubbornly persistent and rarely vary, which is my only complaint. I thoroughly enjoyed the angst, but with the amount of variation it’s almost amazing you’ll never get sick of the incessant yelling. Somehow, it ends up working, though most likely because everything around it is so amazing, so it’s a by-proxy phenomenon. Definitely worth a listen at any rate, and likely a purchase for some of you.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Stormo – Endocannibalismo
Prosthetic Records
Cover Art: Stormo, Margherita Petrucci
4.1 / 5