Torture Rack – Primeval Onslaught (Better Than Good Enough Death Metal)


These past two weeks I’ve had a bunch of “eh, good enough” death metal promos to sort through. And you know what? I don’t have time for that anymore! I don’t want “good enough,” especially not with “eh,” I want better than good enough! I want at least almost better than that! The best is great, but sometimes we settle, and better than good enough is just fine for today. Thanks Torture Rack!


Primeval Onslaught is as coarse as its cover art. There’s a primitiveness to the sound and approach, yet it’s not what I’d call “old school” or “Cannibal Corpse worship,” as some have said, either. Torture Rack says it themselves, stating they exist to “pulverize skulls and grind bones through bludgeoning gore-soaked…depravity.” Yep, and what that means is musically it’s highly unsophisticated, but purposefully so. The bass thunders behind smothered riffs and the vocals are more gurgling blood than human. This approach is consistent because Torture Rack has little time or use for artifice. They even have little time for time, because most of the tracks are under 3 minutes! Once a riff catches, it tends to exploit itself and until the next. As such, Primeval Onslaught is savage and quick, which sometimes we need.


Torture Rack Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Torture Rack – Primeval Onslaught
20 Buck Spin
Cover Art: Rok
4.1 / 5