Kryptonomicon – Daemonolatria (Renaissance Death Thrash)


I get these releases sometimes that are simply a standard type of solid and there’s not much else that needs added. But word count is king, so let’s keep going. Italy’s Kryptonomicon is a recent addition to the death thrash (some may say blackened death metal) horde of the world, but coupled with awesome art by the legendary oil painter, and modern metal Titian, Paolo Girardi, they easily place themselves above the endless stream of names, but don’t think it’s only on the surface. There’s some real depth of style here, though perhaps its consistency is its greatest weakness.


No offense to Punishment 18 Records, but I’m slightly surprised that Daemonolatria, the band’s third full-length, wasn’t nabbed by someone with more clout. I’ll start with my only complaint. This is far from a forgettable album, in fact the tracks hit hard all the way, but you’ll never really get that “holy shit that riff” out of any of it, but at the same time you’ll never get sick of any of it, either. Daemonolatria presents a harsh and cruel form of death thrash (call it blackened if you desire) with biting vocals. This is where it truly shines. The solos bleed out the listener, among other niceties, but dang those vocals are violent. Dude’s angry and getting his revenge. Whoever out there led this man to so scream with this much spite we thank you, for without him Kryptonomicon’s latest may have had less bite.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Kryptonomicon – Daemonolatria
Punishment 18 Records

Cover Art: Paolo Girardi
4.1 / 5