Sijjeel – Affiliation of Horrid Containment (Abominable Brutal Death Metal)


I feel bad I never reviewed a single promo submission I’ve received over the years from North Carolina’s Comatose Music until this very moment. You all know I’m picky, but why am I so harsh towards brutal death metal? I’m harsh towards everything. I hear too much similarity in style, I’m the hell out of this. It’s the constant curse of “I’ve heard it all,” because I really have. Brutal death metal, like old school hardcore, which seems so far removed, has the same problems, and the most glaring of all is the damn similarities from band to band. Hardcore isn’t our subject now, but let me be brief on brutal death metal: grotesque cover art, convoluted song titles that seem like random d100 rolls in a thesaurus, jarring riff fluctuations to flex, vocals recorded on a farm, and so forth. Sijjeel, however, has got the real shit going on so forget about that drivel.


What the hell does Affiliation of Horrid Containment mean anyway, though? Thankfully, other than this minor detail of annoyance, Sijjeel completely dominate the genre. With members from Germany, Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia, this leads to impressive results. First off, yes, these drums are programmed. They do their job, and you won’t notice it’s not a human, the end. So the real core lies in the remaining components. Floor van Kuijk, first off, shows a great deal of experience vocally, hitting the perfect amount of deepness right into the bone marrow, but without the often bizarre, yet thoroughly threatening guitarwork and twisting, pulsing bass Sijjeel bring to the mix, this element would be without a proper home. There are far too many details in Affiliation of Horrid Containment to cover in totality, but merely one track in (after the intro, of course), and you’re going to find yourself not simply hooked, but meat hooked and squirming. Some truly haunting moments give it a different flair as well, so look for those bits.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Sijjeel – Affiliation of Horrid Containment
Comatose Music

Cover Art: Rudi Gorgingsuicide (Rudi Yanto)
4.3 / 5