Phantom Fury (Cyberpunk Militant FPS)


You’ve heard of all that Gamergate stuff, right? And now we’re on to 2.0 or something but I have a different ‘gate’ for you. How about gamers complaining about stuff like spoiled little babies? Everyone acts like games were released without bugs and issues back in the day lol. In the complex programming world of today sometimes we get a bit, and it’s kind of expected. 3D Realms is the genius behind many a recent killer title, such as the awesome Ghostrunner. If you’re OG enough, yeah they’re the company behind the original Duke Nukem 3D. Coming off of the retro blazing glory of Ion Fury, Phantom Fury combines the complex layout of more advanced FPS, cyberpunk murder, mutated freaks, military industrial complex overreach, and the return of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison with a bionic arm ready to smash a MF in the face. Why all the hate? I get the details you’re complaining about, but rarely do I get an FPS that takes an ambitious approach and largely succeeds, let alone succeeds at all.


If you played Ion Fury you know the core of Phantom Fury, but there’s far more to it than a simple run, get the gun, and shoot for fun. I won’t waste your time with all the details of the plot, but after Ion Fury Shelly’s back with a new arm and is trying to save the world while discovering the mystery behind the “Demon Core.” Though I encountered a few minor bugs, level design that doesn’t lead the player by the hand, and AI that’s sometimes easy to trick, as a whole Phantom Fury presents an impressively detailed world, rapid attacks from multiple enemies requiring a knowledge of how to use various weapons and terrain, and a dense story that takes place in a wide variety of settings. The visuals are absolutely stunning, with wide expanses throughout the United States and tons of little details for realism. A further feature to note is the variety of situations in Phantom Fury, including pulling chain guns off of platforms to take on helicopters and driving armored vehicles. The complaints seem like simply another case of spoiled gamers expecting 100% perfection all the time damn time. A negative review with 0.5 hours on record? Lol that should be a crime! Let me summarize what this game is really like with a personal experience. At one point I needed to access a PC for some critical information, but one of the bodies of a wasted scrub was lying right over the damn thing. Technically a glitch, but a well-timed shotgun blast knocked that corpse right off the keyboard and that was that. Get it? That’s what your in for.


Phantom Fury Official Steam

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Phantom Fury
Slipgate Ironworks (developer) and 3D Realms (publisher)
4.5 / 5