Mages Terror – Damnation’s Sight (Blackened Fantasy Thrash)


Sometimes I feel like bands just toss shit out when it comes to naming or just aren’t paying attention. Maybe it sounds cool and they don’t consider it further, I don’t know. But shouldn’t “Mages” in Mages Terror have an apostrophe? Does damnation really possess sight? I see an apostrophe on the label’s page yet there isn’t one in the art? WTF are you guys doing?! But, luckily, this is sometimes an issue we can look past when the band absolutely kills it, or in these case of this quartet from Australia, mixes up expectations and crafts a sound far more unique than most.


Great debut. Mages Terror might be confused on punctuation, but they’re certainly not on sound and theme. Damnation’s Sight works the dark fantasy angle with slug gods, sinister lords with spiked armor, and lecherous warlocks living in caves. That about summarizes how it sounds, too. With nasty vocals that sound like diseased sycophants and a blackened edge to the music, there’s a hell of a lot to be proud of. Sometimes it comes off as simple, but the simplicity is layered with just the right amount of theme to expand the sound and, further, when they show off their skills utilizing a mixture of sick riffs and technically superior solos, you don’t need any explanation of why it’s so good.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Mages Terror – Damnation’s Sight
Invictus Productions

Cover Art: Night Razor
4.5 / 5