Skelethal – Within Corrosive Continuums (Aristocratic Death Metal)


I like skeletons. I also like skeleton words, and France’s Skelethal are rocking a skeleton word for their name. Now, to be honest, I’ve heard these guys before, I was just not a fan of the artwork on their last full-length (the last promo I remember receiving from them), but this time around, staring at the fiery chaos ripping human flesh down to the bone on the cover, I knew I must delve into their sound further for a proper exposé on their skeletal sound. Say hello (or maybe hello again), to easily one of the best of the new wave of French death metal. Is there a new wave? Not sure but probably.


Skelethal isn’t exactly what I’d called old school, though some have tried. Sure, it’s death metal, but it’s not stuck in the past. Something I remember from these guys before, and here we have it again, is an absolute mastery of the crafting of that death metal sound core to its roots and its evolution. Previous worked dipped in gore and doom, but Within Corrosive Continuums is fooking regal. It places a crown on its own head and continues its rule with autocratic fury. With a slight haze over the production, Skelethal weave sordid spells out of cobwebs that drape over the listener like robes. WTF does this clown mean? What I mean is these guys should be treated as freaking royalty for the music they’ve fashioned here. Raw when it needs it, solos that shimmer in pools of blood, fiery despair, it’s a real mixture of sounds and styles, but commands dominance. This is not death metal for the masses, but rather for the elite.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Skelethal – Within Corrosive Continuums
Hells Headbangers

Cover Art: Alexander Gjerdevik Skjøtt
4.5 / 5