Intolerance – Waking Nightmares of an Endless Void (Sorrowful Death Metal)


There’s a lot to impress upon the soul here, and it’s times like these I can appreciate the different direction some bands take in overly saturated genres. Spain’s Intolerance may have sadly picked a name already claimed by like ten other metal bands (Jesus Christ), but perhaps they can end up being the Intolerance everyone talks about, provided enough notice is taken of their particular vein of sorrowful death metal. I know I heard these guys somewhere before, or at least recognized the 1950s horror comic look to the logo, but whatever the case I’m here now with their latest, Waking Nightmares of an Endless Void.


Evoking emotional decay with their themes, Intolerance have a distinct writing style, which engages the listener utilizing abyssal grooves before the inevitable brutality, albeit the type that deadens the soul. The vocal delivery, in particular, features novel tonal shifts that, only rarely, come across as too bizarre for their own good, but as a whole create a lonely space that is much needed in a genre that frequently likes to vomit upon the audience with various grotesqueries. Intolerance is more artistic with their approach, and perhaps esoteric at times, but instead of the usual brutality, they come across as spiritually threatening. A fitting atmosphere for an album titled Waking Nightmares of an Endless Void, which shows a progression in sound from earlier work that could put these guys higher on the rungs over time when more people realize what they’re doing.


Intolerance Official Facebook

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Intolerance – Waking Nightmares of an Endless Void
Godz ov War Productions

Cover Art: Juan Alberto Hernández
4.6 / 5

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