Squid Pisser – Dreams of Puke (Niche Bullied Child Powerviolence)


I wasn’t going to review this initially, but not because I didn’t like it. I did. The issue was I got the damn thing like a week after release, and I normally skip anything past release date except in rare cases. Here’s another one. Plus, most of what I got for review for this coming month is crap so I was like well let’s get at least one good one in here. Featuring a bunch of crazy shits, let’s check out the latest by Los Angeles California’s Squid Pisser. Remember The Locust? What if they, like, kept going and got more extreme, more complex, and probably weirder but were not as vague about it? That would probably be Squid Pisser. This trio has experience with a number of weird acts, including fan-favorite GWAR, but with their combined powers they reveal an entirely different direction.


Dreams of Puke, is that one kid in school with the weird life; collecting Dinosaurs Attack cards, torturing insects with toys, watching inappropriate movies with parent permission, chasing young neighbors with pellet guns, and yes you see the themes? The images that stuff just conjured in your mind is exactly what to expect from Squid Pisser. If there’s one thing that could be said in the negative, at least with Dreams of Puke, is it lacks diversity in sound. This isn’t to say the tracks meld together, but rather that they follow the largely same format of freneticism meant to completely destroy normies. Powerviolence with more aggression and some electronica and/or noise elements? Yeah, dig that, but can you do it different? That’s a much harder challenge. Still, Dreams of Puke will freak out practically anyone on the outside who dares listen to it and the piss energy it emanates will cause an adrenaline rush in a corpse.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Squid Pisser – Dreams of Puke
SKiN GRAFT Records

Cover Art: Gregory Jacobsen
4.2 / 5