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Nevoa – The Absence of Void

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Nevoa – The Absence of Void

Before I begin, I want to go out and say that if you’re going to ask me to review your album or whatever, I would very much appreciate it you – I don’t know, gave me the album? I’ve had a few people message me over the last few weeks about reviews and I want […]

Corpus Christii – PaleMoon

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Corpus Christii – PaleMoon

If there’s one country that’s supremely diffuse in terms of its representation of various types of black metal, it’s Portugal, which is surprising considering its relatively small size in comparison to most of Europe.  But in spite of its smaller landmass, hugging the ocean, or Spain, whichever direction it chooses to embrace, it’s filled with […]

Rorcal / Process of Guilt –  Split

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Rorcal / Process of Guilt – Split

It’s always difficult to decide what to do with splits.  Sometimes we have a battle between bands, our own imaginary battle, and the victor gets to claim the title that results in some words posted on our site here and that’s about it.  Or, we ahave a new feature called “SPLITting Headache”, but decided it […]

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